other editing

For many years now I’ve been a foot soldier in the battle to protect wildlife habitat and help preserve our environment from unnecessary damage. My role often involves preparing various kinds of publications, either as a volunteer or as a modestly paid contractor. At present, I’m restricting volunteer work to the Sunshine Coast Conservation Association (SCCA), but I occasionally do contract work for other non-profit groups as well. Illustrated below are samples of the kinds of things I produce.

Editing8The SCCA is an active, regional umbrella group of nearly 30 smaller organizations. I was a director of the association for seven years, edited the SCCA newsletter and produced many other SCCA publications and documents.  View a sample SCCA newsletter. To learn more about the organization, visit the SCCA web site.

The Pacific Salmon Foundation and the SCCA worked together to encourage community stewardship efforts in support of endangered sockeye salmon runs. I produced several newsletters for this campaign. View one of these publications.

I also edited and produced a community newspaper for the Eco-Care Conservancy of the Powell River Region. View this paper.